48 SMART: Check & Pay PDRM Summons at Maybank ATM
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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Check & Pay PDRM Summons at Maybank ATM

If you do not wish to go to the police station to pay for your PDRM summons, you can pay them online via myeg or rilek. However, RM 2.00 service charged will be imposed on every single transaction made. Now, Maybank offers you another option, that is to check and pay your PDRM summons at all Maybank ATMs.

So, what are the benefits of the new ATM service provided by Maybank?

  • No service charge - Yes, you can save RM 2.00
  • No pre-registration required - No hassle of registering an account just to check for PDRM summons
  • Payment for third party summons is available - Can help your friends and family members to settle the summons

All summons information appears on the ATM is directly channeled from PDRM. The summons payment will be processed on a real time basis. The summons available at Maybank ATMs are updated daily by PDRM. 

You just need to perform simple steps as below at Maybank ATM:
  1. Select ‘PayBills' at main menu
  2. Select ‘PDRM Summons Payment'
  3. Enter new IC Number
  4. Select the account to pay from
  5. Select summons to be paid

The summons slip will be printed. Please keep the slip for your future reference.


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