48 SMART: RM100 reward with AmBank Everyday Savings Account
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Friday, 1 November 2013

RM100 reward with AmBank Everyday Savings Account

Do you know that there are 400 AmBank ATMs at 7-Eleven branches all over Malaysia for the convenience of customers. Just like its slogan, "I AmBanking on convenience", AmBank is also No. 1 in weekend banking with 77 AmBank branches that provide the service.

From 1st to 30th November 2013, when you sign up for an Everyday Savings Account or Basic Savings Account-i at any AmBank branch, you will get a RM 100 cash reward. Existing customers for below CASA are also entitled for RM 50 cash reward:
  1.  Everyday Savings Account (ESA) 
  2.  Basic Savings Account-i (BSA-i) 
  3.  Basic Savings Account (BSA) 
  4.  Basic Current Account (BCA) 
  5.  Basic Current Account – i (BCA-i) 
  6.  AmStar 
  7.  AmStar Extreme 
  8.  Family First Everyday Account 
  9.  Family First Special Savings Account 
  10.  Family First Everyday Account – i 
  11.  Family First Special Savings Account-i 
  12.  Savers G.A.N.G. 
  13.  Savers G.A.N.G. Account-i 
You just need to follow these 3 simple steps in order to get the cash reward:
  1. Open an Everyday Savings Account and sign-up for AmOnline
  2. Perform minimum 5 AmOnline transactions in a month
  3. Maintain account balance of RM 2000 at month-end
The promotion is applicable for first 1300 new sign ups who complete all 3 steps. For existing CASA holders, the first 1300 account holders who perform step 2 and 3 will be also eligible for RM 50 reward.

Customers must perform at least 5 of any of the following transactions through AmOnline Internet Banking of the participating accounts (transactions must be from a single participating account):
  1. InterBank Giro; and/or 
  2. Bill Payment; and/or 
  3. eFD/eGIA 
Everyday Savings Account gives you high interest rate of 1.10% p.a. on all account balances. The interest is calculated daily and credited monthly into your account. There is no passbook for your account but you will receive free monthly statement. 


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