48 SMART: OCBC Titanium Card Features Revision
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Saturday, 9 November 2013

OCBC Titanium Card Features Revision

OCBC had recently made an important announcement to revise its Credit Card features. The revision will be effective beginning from 29th November 2013.  There will be no more 5% rebate on dining, groceries, utility bills and petrol for OCBC Titanium Card.

Instead, OCBC Titanium Card holders can get 1% rebate on total retail spending with no limit. Besides, OCBC Titanium Card will be free for life and thus no more minimum 12 swipes per year requirement for annual fee waiver.

This is really a bad news to all OCBC Titanium Card holders especially those who just got approved. While continue getting 5% rebate until 28th November 2013, many of us will wonder which cards could be the replacement for OCBC Titanium Card?

My suggestion is to get Maybankard Dual, UOB One Card or Hong Leong Wise Credit Card depend on your spending pattern. Of course, we do hope that there will be another new card to be launched by other banks with similar features like the current OCBC Titanium Card.

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