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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

DORAEMON@Secret Gadgets Expo*!

*PROMOTION : DORAEMON@Secret Gadgets Expo*!

Doraemon Secret gadgets expo at KL will officially start on 14.12.2013, expo period is last for 100 days until March of 2014! It will be largest exhibition featuring Doraemon in Malaysia, it will feature an exciting display of Doraemon models with different gestures and facial expressions as well as a host of thrilling Doraemon "magical" interactive activities, thus will revive the nostalgia of Malaysian post - 1990's generations when they waited before the television screen to watch the hugely popular cartoon that has now become part of their daily lives for many years.

Ticket price will be as below,

Adult - RM25

Children - RM15
Children age below 3 or Senior citizen age above 60 will be FREE entry.
Ticket inquiry/buy will start from 1st of Dec 2013 at MYTicket Malaysia (click here) or at (100 stations) of BHP petrol.

Viva Home KL, J Loke Yew

Latest photo:
See you at EXPO!

Taiwan Doraemon Expo Photo:


14 Dec 2013 ~ 23 March 2014


1) Terms and conditions apply.


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