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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Alliance Bank You:nique Credit Card

After OCBC Bank decided to revise its credit cards' features, OCBC Titanium Card already lost its place as the best cash rebate credit card. It is time for us to look for other cash rebate credit cards as a replacement.

Alliance Bank's You:nique Credit Card is the first and only credit card in Malaysia that lets you design your own card face and customize your own features. You can either upload your own image or choose from the You:nique image library to add personal touch to your card face.

Besides, you can get monthly cash rebates up to 3% on all retail purchases everyday and everywhere. The cash back factor is based on the monthly spending range of your card:

Cash Back Payout Table
Cash Back Factor
Monthly Spending (RM)
Tier 1
0 -- 1000
Tier 2
1001 -- 2000
Tier 3
2001 -- 3000
Tier 4
> 3000

Let's say, If you spend RM 3000 per month, 
for first RM 1000, you will get 0.50% cash back, which is RM 5;
for second RM 1000, you will get 1.50% cash back, which is RM 15;
for third RM 1000, you will get 3.00% cash back, which is RM 30.
The total cash back you get is RM 50, which is equivalent to 1.67%.

Moreover, you can get double Timeless Bonus Points (TBP) for every ringgit you spend. All local and overseas retail purchases except petrol and government agencies will entitle you to 2X rewards. Your TBP do not expire and you can redeem whenever you like, with special redemption privileges and discounts from time to time. The double TBP is equivalent to 0.82% of cash rebate.

Annual fee will be waived for first 3 years, thereafter waived with a minimum spend of RM 5000 or 12 swipes within 12 months. For new approved applicants, you can enjoy 0% finance charge on all your spending for the first 3 months. No interest is charged during this period no matter how much you spend.

If your monthly spend is around RM 3000, this card is suitable for you as it gives you almost 2.5% cash back every month without terms and conditions.


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