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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Hong Leong Bank FD Promotions

Chinese New Year is getting nearer and nearer. Hong Leong Bank is now having a series of FD promotions to celebrate the upcoming Year of Horse. Greet the new year with high FD rate and usher in good fortune.

The first promotion is a 6-month step up bundle FD with up to 3.68 % p.a. interest rate. The minimum FD placement amount is RM 5000 and the maximum amount is up to RM 1000000. 8% of the FD placement amount will need to be deposited into CASA and earmarked for 3 months. The effective interest rate for the FD promotion is 3.43% p.a. and the promotion is valid until 28 February 2014 or upon reaching the fund size of RM 800 million, whichever comes first.

On 13, 15, 16, 20 & 21 January 2014, selected Hong Leong Bank branches are extending banking hours from 4.30pm to 8.00pm to reward eligible customers with 24K gold-plated horse figurine. To be eligible for the gift, customers are required to deposit fresh fund of RM 38000, RM 68000 and RM 138000 into their CASA and earmark for 3 months. Once customers take up this offer, they can also enjoy 6-month FD of 3.80% p.a. The minimum FD placement amount is RM 5000 and the maximum must not exceed the CASA earmarking amount. FD and CASA placement must be made concurrently.

Hong Leong Mach FD gives you a high interest rate of 3.70% p.a. on your 6-month FD from 8th January to 28th February 2014 or upon reaching RM 150 million fund size, whichever comes earlier. The promotion is open to all new and exisint Mach individual FD customers. Minimum placement amount of RM 1000 and maximum amount of RM 250000 is required to be deposited into Mach FD to order the promotional rate.

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