48 SMART: Public Bank Super FD Promotion 2014
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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Public Bank Super FD Promotion 2014

Last year, Public Bank launched a 12-month step up bundled FD promotion, known as the Super FD, with up to 6.88% p.a. interest rate. The promotion has returned for Year 2014 and with even better rates, starting from today until 30th June 2014.

The campaign is open to all new and existing individual customers (personal or joint account holders) of Public Bank. Eligible customers are required to place fresh funds of minimum RM 30000 and in multiple of RM 5000 up to maximum of RM 3000000 into both PLUS FD and PLUS Savings Account (SA) at 80:20 ratio. 

The amount in PLUS SA will be earmarked for 12 months while the PLUS FD will be placed under 1 month tenure on auto-renewal basis and locked in for 12 months. Customers have the flexibility to withdraw at any time but only entitle for the prevailing FD board rates. 

The step up interest rate for each month is shown in the above picture. The promotional interest rate will be subject to revision should there be any Overnight Policy Rate changes. The interest rate for PLUS SA can be found here

The effective interest rate is 3.48% p.a., higher than that of previous Super FD. However, the minimum deposit requirement of RM 30000 is considered high in the market. You can easily find better rates with other banks with such requirement.


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