48 SMART: 1st Avenue Balloon Safari (12-21 Sept)
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Saturday, 13 September 2014

1st Avenue Balloon Safari (12-21 Sept)

1st Avenue Mall PENANG is having special Balloon Safari playground adventure starting from 12-21 September 2014.
It is located at main Atrium, lower ground floor. It is full of balloon and different safari balloon characters like tiger, monkey, rabbit, lion, and many more.

Your kids can play, jump, sit, sleep in the playground without worrying of the balloon exploded. Organizer highlighted that the balloon won't be exploded easily.
Organizer also prepared photo booth and props to let you and your families to take photo together.

Entrance fee is RM12/per person. If your children age is lower or equal to 4 years old, parent are allowed to accompany into playground.

If you want to have free entrance, you will need to spend at least RM80 in single receipt at 1st Avenue Mall Penang to redeem a ticket. But the redeemed ticket is for weekday entrance only.


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