48 SMART: Groupon rebate RM50 (max) promo! (15-21 Sept)
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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Groupon rebate RM50 (max) promo! (15-21 Sept)

Groupon is giving away rebate up to RM50 credit (max rebate) when you buy RM100 and above at groupon. Rebate is only applicable for purchased vouchers under "Happy Birthday Malaysia" promo starting from 15-21 Sept.

Simple saying, If you buy RM50, you'll get RM20 credit or Buy RM100 and above, get RM50 credits! RM50 is maximum rebate you can earn even though you buy more than hundred.
Maybe you should think of buying with another account and earn another RM50 credits. 

Please bear in mind that, if you purchases with groupon credits are not eligible for the rebate promo.

The best part is vouchers can bought through with separate/multiple transactions, and the rebate will count for total amount that you've purchased during the rebate promotion 15-21 Sept.

The rebate credits that you earn are valid to use for 3 days (27-29 Sept) only.

For further details. Click HERE.


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