48 SMART: How to remove HAO123.com from homepage!
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Sunday, 28 September 2014

How to remove HAO123.com from homepage!

Tired of seeing your homepage is hao123.com?
You so want to delete hao123 from your firefox, google chrome and internet explorer home page?

"hao123" is an online listings portal by Baidu, it is hardly to remove after you've indirectly installed it.
Normally you'll get the hao123.com hijacked by downloaded some software like xigua, qvod, and others.

I would like to highly recommend you to uninstall those software like qvod, xigua. The software will hijack your homepage without your permission. 

Actually i found out few steps below to remove the hijack. 

Right click your Google chrome icon (at windows toolbar), go to Google Chrome icon and right click again.

Click Properties.

You will see in the target directory consists of  http://www.my5668.com. Please remove the web link, it will lead the google chrome to hao123.com.

as below that been deleted the web link.

Then open up Google Chrome and click the settings.

Go to "Reset browsers settings". and click the button.

Click Reset button.

Then your google chrome will be free from hao123.net.

Next will be internet explorer. it is same steps as Google chrome, right click on internet explorer icon and click properties.

You will see in the target directory consists of  http://www.my5668.com. Please remove the web link, it will lead the internet explorer to hao123.com.

It is not yet complete, you need to follow below steps to fully remove hao123.com

1. Open notepad.
2. Copy and paste "reg delete "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar" /va /f" into notepad. It is delete the register of Baidu.
3. Save the notepad under hao123.bat. Please remember it is not under text extension, the file type is bat/
4. Double click the hao123.bat. 
5. Go to C:\Program File and delete all Baidu files. (as photo below)
6. Reset the homepage of internet explorer and go "manage on" and click search provides, and select Bing or Google as default search provider.


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