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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Citibank Credit Card Double Rewards

Last week, I received a call from Citibank to offer me the Citibank Clear Card with one year annual fee waiver and RM 50 GST rebate. This card is actually more suitable for me compared to the Citibank Rewards Platinum Card that I current hold. Then a few days later, I found out from blogger Lonely Reload that you can get RM 30 Groupon Credit for free when you apply for Citibank Clear Card via Ringgit Plus.

Then I came across the BCard promotion newsletter when I was checking my email. We can actually enjoy free RM 30 Groupon credit and 1000 BCard points when we apply for a Citibank credit card. According to blogger Lonely Reload, this is how you can get the Groupon credit:
  1. Visit Ringgit Plus Citibank card application page here
  2. Type your name, real phone number, tick "My income is greater than RM 24000 a year. That's at least RM 2000 monthly"
  3. Put your age 24, monthly income RM 3000, say that you have no credit card yet and your email address.
  4. You will receive a SMS, asking you to reply your IC number.
  5. After you reply, you will gain a Groupon credit voucher code instantly.

What's more, every successful new application for Citibank Visa credit card can get cash back of up to RM 300 when you spend within 60 days of card approval date. The sign up offer is valid until 31st October 2014.


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