48 SMART: BHPetrol eCard Promotion
+Smartan Dad

Monday, 3 September 2012

BHPetrol eCard Promotion

From 1st to 30th September, all eCard members can redeem RM10 Tesco voucher with only 1000 epoints from participating Tesco outlets.

So eCard members who have more than 1000 epoints please go and redeem the Tesco voucher as you can save 100 epoints from each RM10 redeem (normal redemption, 550 epoints for RM5).

The epoints are valid for 2 years from from the date earned. So if your epoints are almost due, this is a good chance to clear the expiring epoints. This is the complete 2012 reward catalog if you wish to redeem other items.


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