48 SMART: PB Credit Card Cash Back Promotion
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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

PB Credit Card Cash Back Promotion

Public Bank credit card is having a cash back promotion of up to 12% with 12 swipes & 8% with 8 swipes, with minimum RM80 for each swipe. Cash back is capped at RM120 max per month. This promotion starts from 1st September.

All you need to do is SMS to register (one time registration only by Principal card), swipe and get cash back.

Please be reminded that below transactions are not qualified for the cash back:
  1. Transactions that earn Cash Back under other on-going Cash Back promotion
  2. Payments made for dining, on flexipay, auto-debit, balance transfers, recurring payments
  3. Payments for utilities, direct marketing, insurance premiums, cash advances
  4. Payment via www.pbebank.com and ATM
  5. Purchases that are quasi cash, interest payments, late payment fees, finance charges, annual fees, reversals, government-related payments
  6. Payments to charity(ies) and any form of service/miscellaneous fees.


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