48 SMART: Earn Bonus Interest of 3.33% with Public Bank
+Smartan Dad

Monday, 17 September 2012

Earn Bonus Interest of 3.33% with Public Bank

If you miss out the Standard Chartered Step Up FD promotion, you could still go for Hong Leong FD or Public Bank 3.33% Reward Campaign which I'm going to share today. The campaign started from 1 June to  30 November 2012 and is open to all new and existing individual customers who open or maintain PLUS Savings, 50 PLUS Savings or ACE Current account.

A bonus interest rate of 3.33% p.a. on top of the prevailing interest rates of the respective account will be calculated for 90 days based on the incremental average daily balance (ADB) in the account.

You must deposit fresh funds into the Eligible Account during the 180 days period. Fresh funds are referred to as funds that do not originate from your existing account with Public Bank. During the 180 days period, your account must have a minimum incremental ADB of RM5,000. ADB is defined as the aggregate daily day-end balances for 180 days divided by 180.


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