48 SMART: BHPetrol eCard
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Monday, 3 September 2012

BHPetrol eCard

I was a loyal customer of Shell petrol since I started driving. However, I've switched from Shell to BHPetrol since I tried a full tank of BHPetrol 2 months ago. I felt that my car became more powerful and had better acceleration with BHPetrol.

With my UOB One card, I'm able to enjoy 5% cash rebate and 2% smart cash. If you apply for the eCard, you can get 1 point for every RM you spend. So, in total, I get 7.8% rebate each time I pumped at BHPetrol with UOB One card and eCard. You can see the comparison of reward system for each petrol station here.

The eCard can be applied at the petrol station but you're not able to get it on the spot. The petrol station will send the application form to HQ to process. After 2~3 weeks, HQ will send out the card to your mailing address.


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