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Monday, 24 February 2014

Muamalat Mutual-i Campaign

Muamalat Mutual-i Campaign is a product bundling of unit trust (UT) and deposits (CASA), offering customers to participate in local equity investment vehicle and enjoy a potentially high profit rate from their deposits placement. This campaign is available until 30 April 2014.

All new and existing Individual and non-Individual account holders for One Reach Saving Account, Oh Yeah! Saving Account and One Reach Current Account are eligible to participate in this campaign. Minimum investment for Muamalat Mutual-i is RM 50000.

40% of this amount will be earmarked for 6 months from the entry date while the balance of 60% must be invested in Am Ittikal Unit Trust Fund distributed by Bank Muamalat. The indicative return for deposit account is illustrated as below:

Account Type
One Reach Account
Oh Yeah Account
Al-Mudarabah Current Account
Indicative Rate
5.60% p.a.
3.68% p.a.
4.00% p.a.

Dividend from CASA will be calculated on a daily basis and the return will be credited into the account holder’s existing CASA on a monthly basis. However the gift (Hibah) of 1.20% from the 60% invested in Unit Trust will only be deposited into the account holder’s CASA after the expiry date. Early birds with a minimum placement of RM 200000 are also entitled for a special gift on first come first served basis.

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