48 SMART: RHB Junior Savings Account CNY Angpao Campaign
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Monday, 17 February 2014

RHB Junior Savings Account CNY Angpao Campaign

2014 CNY has finally over. For all parents, have you deposited your kids' ang pow money into the bank? You can refer to the comparison of Child's Savings Account to decide which bank to place for the ang pow money. As you can see, RHB Bank is one of the banks that offers highest interest rate for its Junior Savings Account (SA).

Currently, RHB Bank is organizing the RHB Junior SA CNY Angpao campaign until 8th March 2014. The promotion is open to all new and existing RHB Bank Junior SA Holders. Cash Prize of RM 100 will be given to 288 winners during the campaign. In order to qualify for the campaign, the eligible customers will need to have minimum monthly deposit growth of RM 200 in the Junior SA.

Monthly deposit growth (MDG) is defined as the incremental growth of the eligible customers’ SA during the campaign. For new customers, the baseline to calculate the MDG is RM 0. All deposit placements into the SA must be made with new funds. RHB Bank Junior SA with highest MDG will be selected via computer system automation. The prize will be credited into the winner’s account 6 to 8 weeks from the date of winners’ announcement date.


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