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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

KFH Debit Card-i

KFH Debit Card-i is a fully Shariah compliant debit card which allows you to pay for goods and services at participating retail merchants and service outlets worldwide from your CASA opened at KFH Malaysia. It carries the Visa brand that functions as a Bankcard in which you can use to withdraw cash at any ATM network nationwide and worldwide.

KFH Debit Card-i is the first debit card that comes with a supplementary card for free. 10% cash back will be given to all new cardmembers on first usage for retail spending. The 10% cash back is only applicable to the first supplementary cardmember only. The maximum capping for the 10% cash back is RM 20.00 for principal cardmember and RM 10.00 for supplementary cardmember.

Principal cardmember will also be entitled to 0.5% cash back for each transaction of RM 1.00 in respect of purchases made with KFH Debit Card-i. Just spend and principal cardmember will enjoy 0.5% cash back on any retail spending, anytime, anywhere and without a maximum limit! However, supplementary cardmember is not entitled for this 0.5% cash back program.

For cash withdrawal, it is free at all KFH Malaysia ATMs. RM 1 will be charged for each withdrawal via MEPS ATMs while RM 12 will be charged for each withdrawal at other ATMs via Visa Network. For overseas spending, overseas transaction conversion fee will be charged with the conversion rate as determined by VISA International plus an administration fee of up to 1% of the conversion rate.

Effective from 1st April 2014, KFH Debit Card-i is free for life. Worry no more on the annual fee while you can enjoy all the benefits that the card has to offers.


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