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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

WhoHAA RM10 Giveaway

WhoHAA is a website that allows you to earn rewards points by simply understand sponsors' promotional messages. You just need to sign up to become a member for free and start earning points by discovering many promotional or interesting offers put up by WhoHAA's sponsors. Points accumulated can be used to redeem products or services.

You are able to earn points by responding to sponsors’ message, such as answering correctly to their question, visit their website etc.  There is no limits of points you can earn, but you can only earn once from each sponsor in each campaign. If all the points sponsored by the sponsors have been given out, then you could not earn any points even if after answering correctly to a sponsor’s question.

In the past WhoHAA gave away RM 10 FKC voucher to every third lucky WhoHAA new members who successfully sign up, but this time, WhoHAA is giving RM 10 Jackcow cash voucher to the lucky new members! So I'm sharing the WhoHAA programme with all my blogger friends and readers so that you guys stand a chance to receive the RM 10 Jackcow voucher.

To sign up for the free membership, please click here. Once you have joined, you may share this WhoHAA program with your friends and family members. You will earn 100 points with every successfully members registered.

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