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Thursday, 10 April 2014

UOB Credit Card Ten Bonanza

UOB Bank is rewarding RM 10 for every 10th bill payment made via Personal Internet Banking (PIB) with UOB Credit Card from 7th April until 6th June 2014. The campaign is open to all the principal and supplementary UOB Malaysia credit cardmembers.

To qualify for this campaign, eligible cardmembers have to use PIB to make bill payment of
a minimum RM 100 per transaction to the eligible service providers using a valid UOB credit card. Every 10th successful Bill Payment transaction will entitle the eligible cardmember to a cash prize of RM 10.00. Cardmembers are allowed to win more than once throughout the campaign period.

There will be a maximum of 250 Winners in each participating month as provided in the table below, selected based on the first 2500 Bill Payments captured:

Participating Month
Month 1
7th April 2014 – 6th May 2014
Month 2
7th May 2014 – 6th June 2014

The winner will subsequently be entitled to win an additional RM 10.00 bonus prize if he/she 
uses the PIB to make UOB Credit Card repayments for a minimum amount of RM 100 from his/her UOB CASA in the same participating month the valid Bill Transaction was made. 

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