48 SMART: Public Bank Visa Commercial Card
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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Public Bank Visa Commercial Card

A corporate card is a credit card issued to an individual under a corporate account, used for business expenses and the individual cardholder is the liable party. A corporate card simplifies processing of expense reports, as most items are noted on the card statement. It is issued to certain employees of a company for the company's convenience in managing travel expenses.

Public Bank Visa Commercial Card is a corporate payment card that empowers employee to buy small-dollar business items directly from suppliers without any loss of control. It's a card for all your employees business travel expenses such as hotel and meals and at the same time ensuring that all expenses are in compliance with your company's travel policies.

Besides, PB Visa Commercial Card also helps your business in cost reduction, less paperwork and less employee time. There's also attractive credit terms of minimum 25 days and up to a maximum of 55 days. The card helps in your business' cash flow management too by having Limit controls and Category of Purchase control. Other than that, the card also provides travel insurance protection and purchase protection to you and your employees.

From 1st April to 31st July 2014, new and add-on cardholder will get 25% cash back on the first transaction within 30 days of card issuance, subject to a maximum of RM 200 per card. Maximum payout per month is RM 15000 on a first-come-first-serve basis. Cash back will be credited within 60 days from the first transaction.


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