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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

AmBank FD 57th Merdeka Day Promotion

Merdeka Day, celebrated on 31st August every year, is a national day of Malaysia commemorating the independence of the Federation of Malaya from British colonial rule in Year 1957. In conjunction with Merdeka Day celebration, AmBank started its "57th Merdeka Day Promotion" for FD from 1st August until 19th September 2014.

The promotion is open to all new and existing Individual customers and Non-Individual customers of AmBank/AmIslamic Bank who opens and/or maintains specific Fixed Deposit/Term Deposit Account for the following accounts during the promotion period:

  • Term Deposit-i
  • Am50Plus Term Deposit-i

Eligible customer must make a minimum fresh funds placement of RM 10000 for Individual customers or RM 20000 for non-Individual customers during the promotion period. The promotional rate is applicable for 1 cycle only and is as stated below:

Promotional Rate
3 months
3.50% p.a.
6 months
3.65% p.a.
9 months
3.70% p.a.

Note: The 3 months promotional rate stated above is not applicable for Am50 Plus Term Deposit-i.

At the end of the promotion period, 57 eligible customers will be randomly select to enjoy 8.31% p.a. interest rate/profit rate for 1 month tenure FD/TD, subject to minimum placement of fresh fund of RM 10000 and up to a maximum placement of RM 100000.

A redemption letter will be issued to the winners within 14 days from the date of the announcement of the winners.The redemption letter is valid for 30 days only from the issuance date of the letter. The winner is required to present the original redemption letter when making FD placement at any AmBank branch to redeem the prize of 8.31% p.a. interest rate.

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