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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Public Bank Credit Card Cash Back Bonanza

Public Bank is having its Cash Back Bonanza with Credit Card campaign from 4th August 2014 until 4th January 2015. There are two promotions in the campaign, namely the card acquisition cum activation offer promotion and cash back promotion. The first one is open to new-to-bank customers who apply for any Public Bank credit card as Principal Cardmembers (except co-brand credit card) while the latter is open to all new and existing Public Bank Principal Credit Cardmembers.

Under the card acquisition cum activation offer promotion, eligible cardmembers will enjoy the following offers upon approval of their credit card application:

  1. One-off activation cash rewards payment
  2. 0% interest on Balance Transfer and FlexiPay
  3. Guaranteed welcome gift 
For the activation cash rewards payment, eligible cardmembers who swipe within 60 days from the date of card approval will receive the one-off activation cash rewards within 4 to 8 weeks after the tracking period and will be reflected in the respective credit card statement.as follows:

Credit Card Type
Visa Infinite
RM 50 (1st usage)
RM 25 (1st usage)
Visa Signature
RM 50 (1st usage)
RM 25 (1st usage)
RM 60 (accumulated retail spend min RM80)
RM 30 (1st usage)
RM 50 (accumulated retail spend min RM80)
RM 25 (1st usage)

The eligible cardmember who spends an accumulated retail purchase of RM 2000 within 2 months from card approval date is also entitled to redeem one of the following welcome gifts:
  • Condotti Travel Luggage
  • Omron Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Philips Compact Juicer

Cardmembers who apply the card via online and direct sales agencies are not entitled for this offer. Eligible cardmembers will be contacted by phone to choose the welcome gift. Upon confirmation, the welcome gift will be delivered to cardmember within 3 to 4 working weeks.

To participate in the cash back promotion, all new and existing Principal Cardmembers are required to register their participation via a SMS during the promotion period by keying in “PBCB 16-digit Principal Credit Card number” and send to 66300. A Principal Cardmember who successfully registers for the Promotion will receive a SMS confirmation from the bank.

To qualify for the cash back payment under this promotion, the participant must swipe his principal credit card for an accumulated amount of RM 200 and above for retail spending in a week:

Accumulative Weekly Spending
Cash Back Amount
RM 200 – RM 499.99
RM 20
RM 500 – RM 999.99
RM 40
RM 1000 and above
RM 60

Public Bank will pay a maximum cash back payment of RM 80000 each participating week during the promotion period. The maximum cash back payment will not exceed RM 60.00 for each participating week per participant on a first-come-first-serve basis. Each participating week starts from Monday and ends on Sunday.

The cash back payment will be credited into the participant’s principal credit card account registered under this promotion within 2 to 4 weeks after the end of each subsequent week and shall be reflected in the participant’s credit card statement, itemized under “PB Cash Back Bonanza with Credit Card - Week 1 to 22”.


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