48 SMART: Hong Leong Mooncake Festival Promotion
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Monday, 25 August 2014

Hong Leong Mooncake Festival Promotion

Today is the first day of eighth month in Chinese lunar calendar and it is exactly two more weeks to Mid-Autumn Festival. Hong Leong Bank (HLB) is having its Mooncake Festival Promotion from today until 8th September 2014. 62 selected HLB branches will have open house for customers to enjoy fun activities during the promotional period.

The promotion is open to all new and existing customers including Malaysian and non-Malaysian Residents and Non-individual customers. Customers are eligible for the following early bird gifts during the promotion period:

Total Qty
Min Deposit
Little Fluffy Lantern
RM 200
Junior SA
Little Fluffy Coin Bank
RM 2500
4 months
Junior SA
Valentino Creations Hand Luggage
RM 5000
4 months
Baker’s Cottage Mooncake
(2pcs per box)
620 boxes
RM 3800
4 months

All deposits must be new funds. The gifts will be given to the eligible customers at the time of the deposit placement at the bank. The gifts are given on first-come-first-serve basis, limited to 1 gift for each eligible customer throughout the promotion period.

Customers who place a fresh fund deposit of minimum RM 5000 up to a maximum aggregate of RM 5 million into the FD for 3 months during the promotion period shall be eligible to enjoy the promotional rate of 3.40% p.a. FD interest shall be credited into the customer’s nominated CASA or add-on to the FD principal sum upon maturity.

You may check for the branch open house time table here and join in the fun. Make sure you are there as early as possible as the gifts are limited per branch.


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