48 SMART: AEON Card Merdeka Special Rebate on Petrol
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Thursday, 28 August 2014

AEON Card Merdeka Special Rebate on Petrol

The New AEON Credit Card is the only AEON card that gives 5% cash rebate to its cardholders on last Sunday of each month. In conjunction with the Merdeka Day celebration, AEON is extending the 5% cash rebate on petrol purchase in all petrol stations in Malaysia to all existing Principal and Supplementary Credit Cardholders from 23rd August until 1st September 2014.

All existing Principal and Supplementary Credit Cardholders listed below are eligible to enjoy the savings on petrol purchase except for AEON Prepaid MasterCard Cardholder:

  1. NEW AEON Gold Visa/MasterCard
  2. NEW AEON Classic Visa/MasterCard and Jusco Gold/Classic Visa
  3. AEON WATAMI Classic Visa
  4. AEON Gold Visa/MasterCard
  5. AEON Classic Visa/MasterCard
  6. Cruize Gold/Classic Visa
  7. Motorcycle Visa Gold and Japan Club Gold

To participate in this campaign, eligible cardholders are required to spend at any petrol station in Malaysia during the campaign period. The maximum cash rebate awarded for purchases made by Principal and Supplementary Cardholders shall be capped at RM 50 per month. 

Transactions made by a Supplementary Cardholder will be aggregated with those of the Principal Cardholder but only the Principal Cardholder will be entitled to enjoy the redemption of the rebate on fuel Spent. The total rebate earned will be indicated on the monthly statement of account addressed to the Principal Cardholder.Rebate on Fuel spent will be reflected in the following month’s statement.


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