48 SMART: SHOP and BUY at Taobao.com to oversea (Example: Malaysia)!
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Saturday, 9 August 2014

SHOP and BUY at Taobao.com to oversea (Example: Malaysia)!


Previously taobao is only available online trading for China people, because we do not have any China bank account for doing payment. But now you're able to make direct shop and buy at taobao.com without any middle trading or any so called "daigou" agent helps.

Actually taobao is replacing "daigou" agent, middle trading person roles for helping oversea customers trading.
They've setup a transfer warehouse at Shen Zhen, whenever you've purchased any goods from any sellers, taobao will help you send the goods to taobao transfer warehouse and deliver directly to your home.

How you're going to do that?
Now i'm going to show you the way from registration to payment process in taobao web.

#1 First, you need go to taobao.com, then click left top of "免费注册 Free registration" .

#2 Select the country region "Malaysia", there is many countries besides Malaysia.
Then fill-in your phone number and verification code.

#3 TAOBAO will send you the verification code to your mobile, and you just need to fill-in verification code into the column and click confirm.

#4 After verification finish, you are require to input your login password and username. then click submit.

#5 Then you will see message of successfully registered, but it is yet to complete.

#6 Now you go to the main page, then click "account manage 帐号管理"

#7 Inside the account manage, you need to click on "user home address 收货地址".
Please select "oversea 海外", Country, State, Province. the subsequent of pos code, home address, receiver name, phone number. After you complete, click "SAVE" to complete all registration process.

#8 Now you can start to buy something, try to search some items you want to buy in taobao.

#9 After select your purchase items, press "add cart 加入购物车" then it is OK. later on will teach on payment process.

#10 After purchase selected items complete, you need to click "Add cart 购物车" for payment as in the photo arrow.

#11 Click "Select all 全选" to confirm purchase items, if some of the items you want to cancel, you may click on delete. If OK, then click "payment 结算"

#12 Once again, you need to check and confirm you home address, then confirm the courier fees price (note: Let say your item shop is at Beijing, but your transfer warehouse is at Shenzhen. You're require to pay the courier fees from Beijing to Shenzhen. The courier fee is depending on your product weight size.

#13 For Malaysia customers may select payment through credit card or online banking transfer. Bank that supported on the online trading are Maybank, CIMB, RHB, Public Bank, or Hong Leong Bank.

#14 Input your personal email and confirm the bank for payment.

#15 Example of Public bank online transfer payment.

#16 After payment is complete, the seller will send the goods to Shen Zhen warehouse transfer. Normally it will deliver within 24 hours after payment.

#17 After your goods arrive at Taobao transfer warehouse at Shen Zhen, they will send you notification message.

#18 After you receive the sms, you can go back to main page to select "my taobao 我的淘宝", "purchased items 已买到的宝贝"

#19 Select your purchased items as photo, click confirm and select for payment for courier fees again.
(Noted: This is the fees that pay for courier from Shen Zhen to Malaysia)

#20 From here, you can select single item courier or combined courier. (let say you have 1 parcel only, then you just needsingle item courier service "单件快递", else you're waiting for another purchased items from another seller, you will need to wait all purchased items arrive at warehouse only start deliver courier service by selecting "combined courier 合并快递".

 #21 Once again, check and confirm deliver home address and pay.

#21 Remaining process is same as above steps 12~16. Maybe you can refer back to above.

#22 DONE! Now you just need to wait your goods at Malaysia!


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