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Sunday, 10 August 2014

RHB Easy-Smart Debit Card

Easy by RHB is a brand new concept in banking, delivering cutting edge technology and innovative banking solution to the consumers. It is a simple and fast banking designed to best serve your needs and at your convenience. RHB Easy outlets are located in major shopping malls and Tesco hypermarkets, operating 7 days a week and open from 10am to 10pm.

The RHB Easy-Smart Debit Card is Malaysia's first and only debit card that helps you save as you spend. A deposit account is required to allow connection to the debit card. There are two deposit accounts for Easy-Smart Debit Card:
  1. Easy-Smart Account 1, which is the designated account for retail spending.
  2. Easy-Smart Account 2, which is directly connected to Easy-Smart Account 1.

This product allows you to spend via Easy-Smart Account 1 and receives the contributions in your Easy-Smart Account 2 automatically. The mechanism is called the Save-As-You-Spend feature. The only deposit allowed into your Easy-Smart Account 2 is via this special feature.

The Save-As-You-Spend feature is triggered when you make an eligible EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) transaction from Easy-Smart Account 1 and together with you, RHB Bank will contribute up to RM 0.99 into your Easy-Smart Account 2. The eligible transactions (either via merchant swipe or online purchases) are as follows:
  • Spending of above RM 30.00 for purchase transaction.
  • Spending of above RM 30.00 for bill payment transaction. 
  • Petrol purchase above RM 50.00.

Below are the illustrations on how the Save-As-You-Spend feature works:

Interest is calculated daily and credited into the accounts on monthly basis. The interest rates for the Easy-Smart deposit accounts are as follows:

Balance in Account
Interest Rate
Easy Smart Account 1
Up to RM 3999.99
0.05% p.a.
RM 4000 and above
0.35% p.a.
Easy Smart Account 2
Up to RM 100
10.00% p.a.
Above RM 100
0.35% p.a.

Besides, you can also enjoy RHB Friday Specials with the Easy-Smart Debit Card. Just bring your MyKad, visit any nearest RHB Easy outlets today and you can open the debit card savings account instantly, hassle-free. You just need to deposit RM 50 only to activate your account.


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