48 SMART: KFC@Doraemon Travel Blanket (RM15.90)*!
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Sunday, 22 June 2014

KFC@Doraemon Travel Blanket (RM15.90)*!

*PROMOTION : KFC@Doraemon Travel Blanket (RM15.90)*!

Now you can have CUTE Doraemon travel blanket with just add on RM15.90 with any purchase of any KFC product or buy any ala carte with add on RM19.90! There is total six sets of Doraemon collection blanket.

The blanket size is 103cm x 145cm. I think this size is sufficient enough for kid to cover.

If you want to get free travel blanket, click-in for further details.

Actual photo on the blanket.

KFC is giving FREE Doreamon travel blanket if you buy celebration bucket A (RM46.00) or Bucket size B (RM79.50)!

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