48 SMART: PERODUA@VIVA cars priced DOWN (up to RM6100)*!
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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

PERODUA@VIVA cars priced DOWN (up to RM6100)*!

*PROMOTION : PERODUA@VIVA cars priced DOWN (up to RM6,100)*!

Viva 660 BX Manual:         RM22,000 ( from RM25,000, less RM3,000)
Viva 850 Manual:               RM27,900 (from RM33,200, less RM5,300)
Viva S Auto:                       RM29,900 (from RM35,200, less RM5,300)
Viva Elite Manual:               RM32,900 (from RM38,200, less RM5,300)
Viva Elite Auto:                   RM36,800 (from RM41,300, less RM4,500)

Finally, local car maker Perodua has made Viva become most affordable entry-level car in Malaysia!
The price range down up to RM5,300!

The lowest entry-level Viva is only cost RM22,000 which previous price is RM25,000 (cheaper RM3,000)!
Highest spec of Viva Elite auto is now priced at RM36,800 (Previous: RM41,300)!

Along with its price reduction, customers who register for a Viva from now to Aug 31 will also receive a cash bonus of RM800 and a three-year free service package. so the price reduction will go up to RM6,100!

Thank you so much to Perodua's cost saving initiative which began in 2011! Now you may enjoy more affordable vehicle!


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