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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Public Bank Step Up FD

Public Bank launched the Super FD promotion during the first half of Year 2014. From 1st June to 30th September 2014, Public Bank brings you another Step Up FD promotion that lets you earn higher interest rates on the next 2 rollovers. The campaign is open to all new and existing customers of Public Bank, including individuals aged 18 years above and non-individuals.

Eligible customers are required to place fresh funds of minimum RM 20000 for individuals and RM 50000 for non-individuals as deposits for PLUS FD. The maximum placement amount for both individuals and non-individuals is on a per account basis. Any deposit made in the PLUS FD under the campaign is not allowed to be pledged for any overdraft.

The tenure for PLUS FD is 3 months. If the eligible customer rolls over the placement for another 3 months, higher interest rate will be given for the first and second rollover as follows:

Promotional Rate
Effective Rate
First 3 months (1st – 3rd)
3.30% p.a.
3.30% p.a.
1st Rollover (4th  – 6th)
3.50% p.a.
3.40% p.a.
2nd Rollover (7th – 9th)
3.70% p.a.
3.50% p.a.

In the event that the customer withdraws the FD before the completion of 3-month tenure, no interest will be paid. Interest will only be paid on each completed 3-month placement. The FD interest will be credited into the eligible customer's designated CASA upon the maturity of the FD. Partial withdrawal of the FD is not allowed. 

The Step Up FD promotion offers higher rates and more flexibility as compared to the previous Super FD promotion. It is not bundled with any CASA and customer can choose to make the FD placement for 3 months, 6 months or 9 months. 

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