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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Tri Pinnacle by Aspen Group

Property price has been increasing steadily in Malaysia every year. The skyrocketing price of houses have made the lower income group and young people that just graduated even harder to own a house. This is a national issue, especially for Penang Island where the land is scarce. To address the issue, federal government and Penang state government are launching affordable housing through PR1MA and erumah.

Tri Pinnacle is the first initiative from private company on affordable housing in Penang. The project is developed by Aspen Vision Venture Sdn Bhd (Aspen Group). Located at Tanjung Tokong, the project consists of 390 unit low medium cost apartments and 859 unit affordable homes:

Built Up Area
Low Medium Cost
650 sqft
RM 72500
Affordable Home
800 sqft
RM 299000

It is located at Jalan Persiaran Halia 3, Mount Erskine, comprising 3 blocks of building at the highest point of the area as the name "Tri Pinnacle" suggests. The red circle will be the location of the project:

Tri Pinnacle will only be opened to eligible buyers registered and approved by Penang State’s Housing Department. Buyers will be bound to requirements and regulations per stipulated by the state government. If you are interested, you may visit erumah to understand more. To register your interest on this project, you may fill up the form here.

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