48 SMART: RHB 15-Month Step Up FD Promotion
+Smartan Dad

Monday, 23 June 2014

RHB 15-Month Step Up FD Promotion

RHB Bank's 15-month step up FD promotion started from 12th June and ends on 31st August 2014 or upon reaching RM500 million, whichever comes first. The promotion is open to all new and existing RHB customers (both residents and non-residents) of Consumer segment only.

The participating products are RHB Step Up FD and CASA only. The promotional rates are as shown above. The effective interest rate for the promotion is 4.00% p.a. All deposit placement must be made with new fund only. 10% of FD placement amount will be earmarked in customer's CASA for 3 months. FD and CASA placement must be exercised on the same day.

Interest will be paid upon the maturity of each cycle (3 months) and credited into customer's CASA. Upon maturity of the 15-month cycle promotional rate, the FD will automatically renew to a 3-month ordinary FD at the prevailing board rate respectively. Partial withdrawal is not allowed. Withdrawal on maturity of each cycle is allowed and not subjected to penalty interest.


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