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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Company Key Statistic

Investing a company need to analyze many key statistic that helping you bring up your confident toward the company that you hope to invest. (Key statistic like PE ratio, EPS, EBITDA, Dividend yield, etc.)

but normally where can we find these info?

I notice that Bloomberg do have the partial key statistic that we want. The most important is the accurate and reliable financial data provided. The most i prefer is that it has stated the relative PE comparing with FBMKLCI.

You may get something like below from Bloomberg,

DIGI.com Bhd.

How you will get the info in Bloomberg web?

It is easy, you only need to search the company name in market tab of Bloomberg. Then you look into the key statistic. Then you will got what you want. Please have a try.

Next maybe i will share the what is the key parameters or statistic that represent to.

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