48 SMART: Minimum Requirement to Apply for a Credit Card
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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Minimum Requirement to Apply for a Credit Card

1) Minimum income requirement is RM 24000 per annum, including bonuses and allowances.

2) For income not exceed RM 36000 per annum,
a) A person can hold cards from maximum two banks only. This means that he/she can have more than two cards from that two banks, but cannot have a single card from the third bank.
b) The maximum credit limit is two times the gross monthly salary of a person. For example, gross monthly salary is RM 2500, credit limit would be RM 5000.

3) Minimum age required:
a) For principal card application is 21 years old.
b) For supplementary card application is 18 years old.

4) Documents required:
a) For employed:
i)  Latest 3 months' pay slips.
ii) Latest EPF statement.

b) For self-employed:
i)   Latest 6 months' bank statements or savings passbook.
ii)  Latest Form B (supported with tax payment receipt).
iii) Latest EPF statement.

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