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Thursday, 26 April 2012


IKEA's latest electronics product is a disposable camera made with a cardboard.
you will never get a stuff that is so cool.

Perhaps you've saw the video advertisement from IKEA which they announced it will begin of selling an all-in-one entertainment center with an HDTV and media player. I think peoples are getting pretty exciting when getting to know this new wireless all-in-one system. Check out below video, just in-case you've missed it.

but now, shared by a press member of recent event in Milan, IKEA gave out this cardboard disposable camera. I'm hardly imagine with IKEA design of this green product. The camera uses of two AA batteries and can store up to 40 pictures max. you can connect the camera directly to your PC usb, just you can see in the photo right top side.

I'm not sure about the pricing. But i believe it will be having a very fragile body. Hmm.... I'm wondering that will it launch in Malaysia. Maybe i will buy one for green environment support.

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