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Monday, 2 April 2012

Termites Killer DIY

Today i will write about Termites!

Does your house termites bother you so much?
Especially the way the eat the paper/wood sound is so irritating. Believe me, i feel same as you.

I found the people use to kill termites by themselves (DIY). 
Without any high expenses on hiring people helping you clean up termites.

They use Termites DIY Colony Elimination Box to let termites trap and died.

1. Buy Termites DIY Colony Elimination Box from any online shop or you can directly buy from below web. http://www.termitesdiy.com

2. Open up the box.

3. Sprinkle with water (5~6ml)

4. Tear off the double tape around the box and ready to stick on the wall.

5. It is time to stick on the wall, which near to termites.

6. In order to make sure the box stick more firmly, you will need to extra tape on box.

7. Now the termites will walk into the box to suicide themselves.

The pricing that i surveyed online will be from RM50~100. 
Please try your best shot to buy the cheapest online. Good luck.


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