48 SMART: High living cost
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Monday, 9 April 2012

High living cost

In reality life, many of us always face salary growth rate is slower than daily necessities expenses.
Forever there will be no equivalent value between both of them.

The word of INFLATION that always make we suffer in reality life.How to overcome this tough situation in our life.

by salary?

how long our career path will be in our life? let say it is 30 years of working period.

1 year you have 12 times salary pay.
30 years x 12 times =  360 month salary you will get in whole life.

let assume that Malaysian salary range is between RM3k ~ 5k.

RM3k range (1.08 Million)
RM5k range (1.80 Million)

You will be hardly become a millionaire in your life just depend on salary pay.
Now a day, people like to declare that financial freedom is equal to multi million ringgit you have in bank. (Low living cost style)


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