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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Proton Preve test drive and feedback

Today had tested cars on New Proton Preve. Below are the feedbacks:

Proton Preve (1.6 turbo high spec)
Exterior (3/5)
-Overall looks nice. After close look, it feels very plastic and low cost in certain area/portions (door handle).
-Door handle feel will going to tear off when open it. When close the door, it feels not able to close tight.

Interior (2/5)
-Very plastic and not solid at all.
-Having large passengers space and huge boot size.

Handling (2/5)
-Lotus handling steering?? Nope. Very jerking in response and not so smooth.
-Gear shifting response was fast but the paddle shifter slight lag of feeling when tab on it for shifting.
-Suspension setting still can acceptable for the road ride.

Performance (4/5)
-Engine power is excellent when around 2500-3000rpm. It was powerful to stick you on seat.

Sound proof (1/5)
-Absolutely bad. Huge noise when cross over road bump. Totally cannot acceptable for this kind of price range.
-Able to heard noise from engine bay and gearbox revving.

Price (1/5)
-Not worth to buy it. Quite expensive with this price range and specs.

Overall/Conclusion (1.5~2/5)
-Not recommend.
-Drive it to believe it. It is sucks.

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