48 SMART: Mosquito killer trick
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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Mosquito killer trick

Today i saw a interesting blog that teaching people to kill mosquito effectively.
Firstly i really feel doubtful about this method. isn't the mosquito so stupid to suicide themselves?

I decided to take a try. it is very surprise in the after the first night.
My bucket have few mosquitoes died inside it. i'm feel very interesting.

Do you want to have a try? Please check below,

1. Prepare a bucket of water (<500ml) .
2. Put in the soap/detergent into water.
3. Place at the area that has a lot of mosquito.
4. Observe daily. if the mosquito died inside water, then you've success.

I'm still observing next few days. Isn't very cruel to set a trap for mosquito? ....kill dengue?

The blog explains that due to the soap/detergent made the water becomes alkaline.
While the soap/detergent has good smell that lead mosquito thought it has food inside the water. While mosquito laid egg on the water surface, but mosquito difficult to survive in alkaline water.


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